The company

ALKA3 is a market-leading company, preferred by the most demanding consumers, professionals, applicants, mechanics, and distributors in Brazil. Always focused on the quality and durability of its products, the company submits its products to the most demanding resistance and durability tests.

Flexible command cable suppliers for major automaker assembly lines in the country, Alka3 also has suppliers and replacers all over Brazil. Besides exporting to many countries such as The United States, Germany, Uruguay, Chile and others.

Our goal is to develop and offer products that go beyond client’s expectations and to obtain a fair profitability and motivation for our collaborators and partners.


ALKA3 Industria de Autopeças Ltda, manufacturer of original automotive components for the national and international market, based in Osasco - SP, committed to meeting the requirements of IATF 16949: 16, ISO 14001: 15, OHSAS 18001: 07 and Social Responsibility Requirements, adopt the following commitments:


Guarantee the satisfaction of customers through the quality of products and services;
Ensure a safe work environment, through actions to prevent injuries and diseases;
Protect the environment through the involvement of employees and suppliers in environmental issues, preventing pollution and minimizing the generation of waste;
Conform with laws, applicable standards, international conventions, and other requirements;
Continuously improve products, productive processes, administrative and organizational management;
Develop human resources, respecting the rights of employees, and curbing abusive and discriminatory practices.